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A family of on-line ventures offering life-enhancing products and information

The different aspects of Anson Digital Concerns

Anson Digital Concerns is not a computer or electronics company.  It's the registered trade name for a set of inter-related online companies, offering products and information to enhance the quality of your life — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Making your life better:

Since its founding in August 2000, Anson Digital Concerns has endeavored to improve your life in the following ways:

Fall back, regroup, lower expectations

This has been the plan, over the past several years.  However, certain realities have overtaken all of this; so, as Ziggy would say, I've needed to "Fall back, regroup, lower expectations".  There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Time contraints have made it impossible to do any real work on Zetousa.  I hope this can be resolved, maybe on a smaller scale, in the near future.
  2. The FDA has been flexing its tryannical muscles, destroying freedoms and businesses alike.  Due to the FDA's regulatory fist, Health Essentials™ had to be shut down, until it can be updated with fully compliant language.  There is no freedom of expression, when it comes to natural health.  And, although the essential oils site that was part of Anson Digital Concerns™ was fully compliant, pressure from the FDA made it necessary to shut down this site, as well.  I'm hoping against hope to have it back online in the near future, in one form or another.

With regard to the FDA, please see the article, Needed: Reform or Replace the FDA.  It details the problem, including the human effect, and makes suggestions on how to remedy the problem.

Meet the members of the ADC family nutritional supplements on the leading edge

→™:™ offers you a select group of dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies, liquified herbals and other products.  On the leading edge of nutritional research, these products can have powerful influences on your overall health and well-being.  They have been chosen for this site specifically because I've experienced their ability to promote optimal health — even in someone who was a total wreck, like me.

Dietary supplements from Garden of Life and Atrium, and homeopathic remedies from Energique, Inc guarantee you the finest dietary supplements available anywhere, for benefits you can readily see.

I'm also excited to bring you truly amazing Green Fed™ dairy and beef, from Beyond Organic.  Higher in nutritive value and better balanced in fats than even your typical organic, grass fed dairy and beef, these are wonderful foods — delivered right to your door. 


More details . . .

Purely-Potent essential oils from doTERRA

→  Purely Potent™ essential oils:

Purely Potent™ offers you the very highest-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils.  Sourcing oils from reliable producers from around the world, each batch is tested multiple times, from distiller to bottle, for both its chemical profile and purity.  With Purely Potent™ essential oils, two things will impress you:

  • The standard for quality essential oils has been significantly raised by the purity and, therefore, the potency of its essential oils, and
  • The empahsis is on science, the chemistry of the oils, assuring you of oils with a wonderful fragrances that really work.

More details . . .

→ Pursuing a life together in Christ outside the religious system

This is the center of where my heart is.  It has been my hope that this site would be a place where we can seek together what it means to be in Christ and members of His body, with the goal of finding something of a restoration of the ekklesía. 

I have engraved you on the palm of my hand . . . I will not forget you.

"I have engraved you on the palm of my hand, … I will not forget you."
A drawing by Tom Anson

This mission was to be earnestly pursured through Bible studies and articles on the things of God, where you could also find encouragement — as well as a challenge — to rise above the status quo of modern Christianity, into an uncompromised — and fully biblical — experience of the reality of life in Christ.

However, developing this site has proven harder than first imagined, especially as other demands squeezed out the time needed to bring all of this together.  While has pretty much ceased to be a website unto itself, I'm still hoping that, someday soon, I can put a semblance of it on facebook.

Included on this site are a limited line of note cards and posters, produced from the original drawings of Tom Anson.

More details . . . information you can use from an alternative perspective

→™:™ was an informational website, where you could find usable information on different health-related issues, from essential oils to health programs, to the dangers of inherent in modern medicine's standard care.

It also contained health alerts — both for your health and of a political nature, dealing with threats to your health freedom — as well as the archives of my newsletter.

Unfortunately,™ fell victim to the abuse of power which is the FDA; our tax dollars at work, depriving us of information that could better our lives.  I'm hoping that, in the near future, I can salvage some of this site and get it back online.

More details . . .

So, welcome to the Anson Digital Concerns family.

I hope you have found something here to inspire your interest.

I will continue to strive to bring you the best products, information and services available, even if it is an uphill battle.  And I would be pleased to hear from you.  I am here to serve.

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