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Just who is Anson Digital Concerns™, anyway?

Tom & Linda Anson of Anson Digital Concerns

Hi.  My name is Tom Anson, and I'm the owner of Anson Digital Concerns™, a sole proprietorship company, established in August of 2000.

About this unfortunate business name

Anson Digital Concerns™ was a rather unfortunate choice of business names, since everyone who sees it thinks this is a computer/electronics business.  It's not.

While initial plans included a branch for web design and construction (which has since been dropped, although I have some EZ-Net Tools sites I could sell you), the business is about selling natural health products and offering information online (get it?  "Digital") through the Purely Potent™, Health-Essentials™ and™ websites. 

I was also hoping to get™ online, with historically/textually-based Bible studies, church history (as you've never seen it) and other articles on a life in Christ outside the religious system.  Time and other factors have made the development of this site impossible; but I'm hoping to bring it back again, on a smaller scale.

Nature of the business

The companies that are united under the Anson Digital Concerns™ umbrella do not buy anything in bulk for repackaging.  We only deal with products that are "shelf-ready" — no muss, no fuss.  So, although we sell essential oils (for example), if you are an essential oils producer, please don't offer me oils in bulk.  We're not set up to handle them.

Anson Digital Concerns™ is an online retail sales company, operating, at this time, mainly from the Essential-Vitamins portal.  We also work through a couple of network/MLM businesses, primarily with the essential oils.  Although I personally have not emphasized the networking part of these businesses (my focus has always been on the products — which I believe in, because of the help they have been to me), I also realize the potential that MLM has, and am happy to offer it to others.

Who we are at Anson Digital Concerns™

Linda and Xanti, June 2000

Again, my name is Tom.  I've been married to a wonderful lady, named Linda, for just over 28 years.  We have no children, but we had one very large dog.  He was a Great Pyrenees that we got through the Pyrenees Rescue of Nebraska.  His name was Xanti (a Basque name I found on the internet).

Before August 2000, starting a business was the last thing on my mind.  Linda and I always had our hearts set on Christian ministry.  It was very literally the why of our decision to get married.  Before my disability got so severe that I couldn't continue, I had been in training for the pastorate.  When that door closed, I looked to writing.  And, all along, we have given ourselves in ministry to others, whenever the opportunity presented itself.

And so, given my disability on the one hand, and my total lack of interest in starting a business on the other — not to mention the fact that I didn't like the internet, and wasn't too crazy about computers — how did I end up starting Anson Digital Concerns™?

Taken by surprise

No one could possibly be more surprised to find me here than I.  I mean, we're talking way past improbable.

But, I've struggled with my health since early childhood, ever since I took the Sabin oral vaccine for polio.  Because doctors could do nothing for me, I was forced to search out alternatives for myself; and over the years, I found many things that helped some.

But then, in 1997, I was introduced to therapeutic-grade essential oils.  The benefits were on the order of the miraculous.  Then, in the early spring of 2000, I was introduced to Garden of Life products, particularly Primal Defense.  Suddenly, it seemed, what would have been a very wild dream only a few years before became a viable possibility.

I was very excited about these products, and had a strong desire to share them with other.

But how?

Linda and I were discussing this question when we saw an ad in the paper for a workshop on how to start an internet business.  Being more gullible then than I am now, I went, and was introduced to a set of online tools that made building a website something within reach.  Suddenly, through the medium of the internet, I was provided with a way to share the products — and hope — that I had found.

With the support of these products, I was able to start this business.  In the first few years in business, I was able to do more than I had in the previous 30 years.

A different kind of ministry

And in a way, this business is an extension of that heart for ministry.  It gives us the opportunity to minister in another way.  Through it, I've been able to help quite a few people, both with products and information to help with their various health issues (not as a professional service, but in interpersonal sharing) and with encouragement.

The skenopoios factor

But, this business is something else, as well.  It's what might be referred to as "tent-making" (Greek: skenopoios).

In the New Testament (Acts 18:1-4), we are told that Paul, the apostle — along with Priscilla and Aquila — worked as a tent-maker, to support himself and his colleagues, as he worked in the gospel.  And, in a sense, Anson Digital Concerns™ is nothing more than that: tent-making.  It's simply a means to an end, intended to support me and my family as we work in the gospel.

It's my hope to have the pleasure of serving you.


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