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My goal in all of the businesses under the Anson Digital Concerns™ umbrella is to serve you.  But it's hard for one guy, sitting alone at his computer, to see or anticipate everything.

That's why I give you this opportunity to tell me what you think about this site, or any of the sites in the Anson Digital Concerns™ family.  Comments from site visitors have already helped to make these sites better.  So go ahead, tell me about your experience here: what you liked, what presented problems for you, what you were looking for and couldn't find, or what you would like to see.

I promise to give your feedback all due consideration, and thank you for helping me to serve you better.



Note: Because of the prevalence of spam — and those who hijack online forms to bombard you with garbage "from me", I've removed the Feedback Form from this site.  However, I'd appreciate your thoughtful comments sent directly to me.



I thank you for your comments. 


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