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How we began your source of information you can really use

The website was launched in July of 2003 as a way to present important health information that you need, but that the FDA would rather you not have.  The restrictions imposed by the FDA's current interpretation of the Dietary Supplement and Education Act of 1994 means that, in order to present you with anything more that stale, generic descriptions of natural, health-promoting products, information that is actually usable must be separated from the products themselves.  Hence, this website.

At least, that was the plan.

Starting in May of 2015, continued pressure from the FDA required that I shut down this website, until I can bring the site into "compliance" . . . with stale, generic descriptions of natural, health-promoting products; and essentially remove any information that is actually usable.

I am hoping that, someday, I will be able to bring this site back online.  But, the reality is, given the FDA's unfettered power to abuse freedom of expression and shut down wellness companies, returning with anything worth the effort might be something of a pipe dream. 

We'll see.

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