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Privacy Policy of Anson Digital Concerns™

How your personal information is used

A note about ADC's BBB Online status:

From February 2002 through August 2007, Anson Digital Concerns was a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau Online.  But, for the year 2007, the BBB Online's membership fees were increased to the point that I could no longer justify the expense.

However, since its conception, ADC has always conducted business according to the highest standards of ethics and business practices.  There have been no complaints lodged and, as far as I know, complete customer satisfaction.  And so, you can be assured that ADC will continue to conduct business as before, despite having terminated affiliation with the BBB Online.

The short version: It isn't.

I understand the concern most people have about safeguarding their personal information on the internet.  I share that concern, and conduct this business accordingly.  For you to do business with me requires a significant amount of trust, and I work hard to earn that trust.

Accordingly, I treat all information gathered through my websites as I would my own.  That's just a matter of personal principle.

I'd expect no less of any company I did business with, and I refuse to disappoint you the way I've been disappointed myself with other on-line — or brick-and-mortar — businesses.

What this means for you

This means that you can trust that I will:

Exceptional instances

The only exceptions to these rules (if you can truly call them exceptions) is the use of your name and address — email or street — to send you my newsletter, and to get some idea of your needs.

While my newsletter has some promotional qualitites, it's mostly informational, and is part of my effort to be of service to you, and you are always given the option of opting out.  All such requests are immediately granted.

As for the information about your specific needs, all information is strictly optional, and I ask for it only for purposes of helping you get the most from the products I offer.

It's my goal to offer you the best of service while guarding your right to privacy.  If you have any suggestions or comments on how we could serve you better, please let me know.

I thank you for your trust.


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