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Purely Potent™, an Independent Reseller of the Finest Essential Oils

Pure and potent, therapeutic-grade essential oils

Purely-Potent essential oils from doTERRA

Purely Potent™ is an independent reseller for the largest essential oils company in the world.  Offering you the purest, most potent, highest-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, oil blends and other wellness products, it empowers you to achieve optimal health — for you and your family.

Featured among the wellness products are:

In addition to these fine products, Purely Potent™ provides you with a wealth of information on aromatherapy, as well as references, to give you the power to take control of your own health and wellness.

Purely Potent™ also offers an exciting home-based business opportunity, with the largest essential oils company in the world.  It has the potential to empower you to thrive, even in the hardest economic times.  The company has powerful tools for building a successful business in the health and wellness industry, and showing others how they can be self-empowered to meet most of their healthcare needs for themselves and their families, using safe and effective — and natural — therapies, incorporating essential oils.

To learn more about Purely Potent™, or to order products, please contact me.  It would be my honor to assist you in any way I can.

My personal story

Tom Anson playing Guild 12-string guitar

I began using essential oils in 1997.  Using the oils gave me back my life.  By 1997, I could barely remember what it was like to feel well.  It had been 35 years since I had been able to hold anything like a real job. But after using the oils for a comparatively short time, I was able to start my own company.

However, after a few years, I began to notice that the oils I had been using didn't give me the same benefits as before; in fact, I seemed to be going backwards.

Around that time, someone contacted me about the oils offered by Purely Potent™, and sent me some samples of the oils.  I was something of a hard sell, and fiddled around with attempts to test the oils in comparison to what I had been using.  Then, for some reason, I applied some of the frankincense to my temples.


The instant I applied the oil, it felt like an electric bolt shot through my head.  Even though I had been using frankincense (and blends containing frankincense) reguarly, it never had the energy-balancing effect I found with these oils.  It was utterly amazing.

I enrolled with as a reseller that day.

Purely Potent™: A different kind of wellness company

Purely Potent™ truly is a different kind of wellness company.  Although it deals with powerful natural products to support optimal health, it is solidly rooted in real science, building a bridge between natural healthcare and mainstream medicine.  The parent company of Purely Potent™ works with doctors and hospitals to do the research needed to demonstrate the inherent power of therapeutic-grade essential oils and cutting edge dietary supplements to promote optimal health and wellness.

Science-based wellness through Purely Potent™

Sadly, over the years, there has always seemed to be a wall between natural health products and allopathic medicine.  But, at Purely Potent™, there is an emphasis on science, both in the demonstrable purity and effectiveness of its essential oils and cutting edge research behind its supplements, and it the language used to bring them to the attention of mainstream medicine.

Purely Potent™ definitely is a new kind of wellness company, one of which I'm proud to be a part.

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